Annual Report 2015


Investment Programme results

The measures implemented as part of the Russian Railways investment budget in 2015 resulted in improvements to the following indicators:

  • the work performed to rebuild (modernise) railway tracks in 2015 increased the domain of passenger train traffic with speeds of 120-140 km/h by 1,176 km, or 4.6%, with respect to 2014 and the domain of freight trains with speeds of more than 80 km/h by 580.6 km (+1.0%);
  • the total length of main tracks on concrete sleepers stood at 97,794.517 km at the end of 2015, an increase of 1,756.4 km for the year (+1.8%), while the total length pf seamless tracks stood at 90,695.168 km, an increase of 1,701.778 km (+1.87%);
  • when performing work to renovate and modernise railway automation and telemechanic equipment in 2015 on certain railway sections, the comprehensive approach prevailed with the simultaneous modernisation of electric interlocking devices, the automatic blocking system and remote monitoring and their integration into comprehensive transportation management systems. Modernisation of technical railway automation and telemechanic equipment that has doubled its service life made it possible to improve the safety and reliability of the devices; equipping technical diagnostic and monitoring centres with diagnostic and remote monitoring systems on railways ensured the maximum detection of pre-failure conditions in technical railway automation and telemechanic equipment. As a result of these measures, the number of first- and second-category failures (the KASANT system) decreased at the Company from 6,920 in 2014 to 6,363 in 2015, or 8.1%;
  • work to renovate railcar fixed assets in 2015 resulted in an 11% decrease in the number of hardware failures compared with the 2014 level and also expanded the length of dedicated sections for non-stop train traffic by 16 km versus 2014;
  • work to renovate electrification and power supply fixed assets in 2015 reduced the number of hardware failures 9.4% compared with the 2014 level, 111.5 km of contact network tracks for 160-km/h rapid-transit trains were rebuilt, 21.6 km of contact network were renovated on 200-250-km/h tracks to establish rapid-transit and high-speed transportation and restrictions were lifted on trains weighing 6,300 tonnes on 3 inter-station zones with total length of 71 km.

Overall in 2015, Russian Railways commissioned:

  • 163.5 km of new and secondary tracks,
  • 45.8 km of electrification,
  • 157.7 km of station track;

and rebuilt:

  • 129 electric interlocking switch units,
  • 50.8 km of the automatic blocking system,
  • 280.5 km of centralised traffic control,
  • 640.4 km of long-distance cable communication lines,
  • 288.1 km of the contact network,
  • 2,814 km of railway tracks.